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When to Sell

When To Sell Your New Jersey Home
They say timing is everything in life. In real estate, this is also true. Depending on your wants and needs, the right time to sell your home can vary. There are pros and cons to each time of year that you may decide to put your home up for sale.
While there are some markets which are very highly seasonally driven (think shore towns or winter resort areas), most markets follow a familiar market activity pattern based on the time of year.
Spring and Summer
Without a doubt, the most commonly advised time to market your New Jersey home is in the Spring and early Summer. For one, it is the best weather of the year for buyers to come out and view homes. Yes, 90% of buyers do start their home search online, but they still physically inspect their top choices before going to contract. The extra daylight hours also give buyers – who typically view homes after work or on the weekends – more time evaluate the exterior of the home and the surrounding neighborhood.
Another commonly cited reason for marketing your New Jersey home in Spring or Summer is that many buyers with families like to coordinate moving over the summer to enable their children to being the school year in their new school district. While it’s true that not all buyers have children at the time of their purchase, and some buyers even move within the same school district to avoid uprooting their kids, this is an important demographic of the buying public and their collective buying power should go into your decision process.
Early Fall
Fall can be a beautiful time of year and a wonderful time to sell your home, especially in New Jersey, where the changing scenery can really highlight your home and yard. Accentuate your landscaping with fall decorations, such as pumpkins and mums, which will appeal to the potential homebuyers who come to take a look at your home. If you have a patio or outdoor kitchen or fire pit, the temperate Fall weather can be a perfect time to highlight these selling points.
Conventional wisdom says not to market your New Jersey home in the Winter. While it’s true that there are less buyers looking in the cold weather months, there may be a tactical advantage to selling in the Winter. First of all, the buyers that are looking are generally motivated, and not looking to “kick the tires.” Secondly, there is generally less inventory available as the natural ebb and flow of listings tends to wane at this time of year. It may be an opportunity for you to take advantage of.
Of course, your needs as the homeowner are paramount in marketing your home. Sometimes, the time of year goes out the window when you have an immediate need to sell. Estate sales, job relocation or even investment properties that are vacant need to be marketed and sold as soon as possible, regardless of the time of year. If you chose the right Realtor, they will provide the right marketing plan to get your home sold no matter what season you’re in.