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Success Stories

I have had great success in negotiating Short Sales for clients throughout New Jersey.  While I cannot guarantee the same success for every client, I can tell you that my track record is substantial.  I have successfully negotiated Short Sales with every major loan servicer in the nation, across multiple short sale programs and loan types.

Take a look at some of my prior Short Sale client’s feedback below, and refer to some of my recently approved Short Sales in the chart at the bottom.

“From day one, Manny has been very professional, honest and prompt in working with me. I’ve never met any agent as willing and diligent in helping me with my sale the way Manny did. When most other agents knew my property wasn’t a big sale, therefore not showing interest in assisting me, Manny still treated me with care as if it were one. I really want take the time out to thank Manny and write this review for him as I’m extremely impressed. I would highly recommend Manuel Rosa to anyone looking for a ‘real’ real estate agent. Just a diligent, honest, responsive and hard working PERSON to work with. I wish you continued success in your business. Thank you so so much.”

Wilson C., Jersey City, NJ


“Manny Rosa was like an answered prayer in my time of need. Mr. Rosa is very professional, polite, and courteous. He educated me throughout the entire selling process and was there for me until closing. He is the most professional and reliable realtor I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend him for anyone who is serious about selling their property.”

Javier C.G., Newark, NJ


“My experience with Mr. Rosa was excellent. This was my first time selling property and Mr. Rosa explained everything to me and was very patient with me. Any questions I had were answered. Mr. Rosa was very knowledgeable with the short-sale process and my positive results are direct result of Mr. Rosa’s work. Thank you.”

Chad W., North Plainfield, NJ


“Manny Rosa is highly effective. He was able to negotiate and complete my short sale in a timely fashion.  He is on top of his game and very knowledgeable about the market.  What an excellent service provided.  I hope we can do business again. A++++”

Larrider R., Newark, NJ


“We owned a three-family home in Newark, NJ that had lost more than half it’s value during the Great Recession. We decided to enlist Manny Rosa’s help to navigate us through a short sale of our home.  We had heard that doing a short sale was full of delays and pitfalls, but we knew that it was possible because some of our neighbors had done it. Manny was with us from start to finish through this maddening, frustrating, frightening process. He walked us through the entire process, enabling us to make the decision to proceed.  We are now out from under a huge amount of negative equity, thanks to Manny and his team! Without his help and expertise, we are certain that we would not have been able to execute the short sale. Thank you, Manny!”

Michael & Susie B., Newark, NJ